Hardscaping Services

Grilling and cooking? Resting on a beautiful flagstone or paver patio? Gathering around a fire pit? Planting in a no-bend terraced garden? Walking down herb-scented pathways? Enjoying the sound of water falling into a decorative pond or water feature? Watching the stars while relaxing in a hot tub?

Or maybe a more simple dream - to keep the water out of the driveway or garage. A smooth driving surface? An even walkway? A stone wall?

If any of these thoughts have crossed your mind, you can trust HSL for hardscape projects that are both practical and beautiful.

We are certified earthwork contractors that offer excavation and tractor work, water drainage solutions, durable paver driveways and walkways, road and parking lot dividers, custom stone cutting and more.

Outdoor living projects help define your outside space in ways that beautify, give structure and allow you more enjoyment of your entire property. You are no longer stuck with only a few design patterns or color choices to choose from, as there are an endless amount of options from pavers to flagstones.

Matt is a DP Contractor - a little bit about a DP contractor: the department of environmental protections have contractors that they only recommend to do projects for them that are environmentally friendly. Can work on both landscaping and hardscaping.