Contact Harbor Shore Landscaping in Bangor, Maine

Harbor Shore Landscaping (HSL) considers landscape design one of the most important aspects when drawing up a plan for your outdoor living space. We will work with you and your ideas to draft a unique & aesthetically appealing landscape design that will fit any budget.

To ensure your vision comes out as planned, we will create a design that is distinctively yours in our Orrington, ME, office. If you have a custom design, HSL will work with others that offer blue prints, to show exactly what your design will look like.

When we can, we use natural plantings and stones from your landscape site in your new landscaping projects, giving your space a truly natural feel while conserving wild Maine plants and saving you money on planting purchases.

Matt is a Maine DEP Contractor - The Department of Environmental Protections has contractors that they only recommend to do projects for them that are environmentally friendly, for both landscaping and hardscaping.