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Maine Outdoor Living, Concrete Pavers & Concrete Segmented Retaining Wall Systems & Fabrications,
Natural Stone Installation, Design & Fabrication,
Tree & Planting Installation, Lawn Installation,
Earthwork & Excavation, Drainage Solutions
Hardscape Restoration, Landscape Maintenance,


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Harbor Shore Landscaping (HSL)

Full-Service Landscaping Construction Company serving clients throughout Bangor, Maine and surrounding areas

For over 17 years, HSL has been serving households and commercial properties in serving Bangor, Maine and surrounding areas. HSL is a full-service landscaping company that works all year long to maintain the beauty and design of your outdoor property!

Matt is a Maine DEP Contractor - The Department of Environmental Protections has contractors that they only recommend to do projects for them that are environmentally friendly, for both landscaping and hardscaping.

A Second-to-none Work Ethic

We've built our business on a foundation of honesty and trust, continuing education and top-notch customer service. We are known for our politeness and hospitality and understand that every client deserves one-on-one attention. HSL is fully insured and ICPI certified. We are different from our competition in that all of our work sits on an engineered earthwork system, which allows us to ensure we have completed a project from start to finish.

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HSL of Orrington, Maine, believes that no job is too large or small, so never hesitate to share your vision with us! With our five-year workmanship warranty, concrete manufacturer's stone warranty and our understanding for both horticulture and landscape maintenance, we've got you covered on all bases. With the winter season starting, please don't hesitate to call our office today to get an estimate on our snow plowing and snow removal services at 207-745-0809 . During snow storms, we are available 24 hours and always out and about on the slick roads.


HSL offers a variety of services

From landscape design and maintenance to softscape and hardscape services. Harbor Shore Landscaping can provide you with the following services:
And more!

While we pride ourselves on all of our work, our specialty is hardscaping. Hardscaping is essentially a stone art. It creates patterns in stone and masonry, bringing beauty to a space through the outdoors, indoors or a bridge between the two. We specialize in graceful, natural and original pieces, which will not only be a joy to look at but live on, walk on and enjoy all year long.